From Our Clients

“My life has become. everything I wanted it to be. I knew what it took to be successful in business and in-life – but I did not know how to balance it out. Terry’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach got me into action. I always thought about my short and long term goals, but I never made myself accountable. Terry’s insight into the executive issues and company politics I had been dealing with has helped me to become a better executive, leader and team player in a very competitive career in real estate. Somehow Terry has the ability to influence and support you with telling you what to do! I’m confident and present and as a result I don’t feel as if I’m just going through the motions. Thanks Terry”

Bill D.

Phoenix, AZ

“Working with Terry enabled me to jump-start projects for which I made no time, organize more effectively, and create a vision for what I wanted in my life.”

Dr. Nita V

Los Angeles, CA

“Terry helped me to understand the reasons why I kept questioning my competence which facilitated profound and lasting change in my work and in my life. Terry’s coaching techniques elucidate critical choices that open doors and help you to move through them. An utterly monumental experience. An inventive and truly helpful way to see you can do whatever you want.”

Lucinda C

Portland, OR

“I came to Terry during a critical time in my life. After a second layoff in two years and an unsteady career path, Terry became the “Get out there and make it happen” voice that I needed. We worked together to focus on my strengths and weakness, pin-point areas of interest and make the future become a reality.”

Nancy K

Seattle, WA

“After attending Terry’s workshop, I knew my life would change–it was hands down the best interactive seminar I had ever attended. I began to work with Terry on a weekly basis, and had short-term and long-term goals, including much neglected dental work, finishing a novel, becoming more productive at work and starting a family.”

Alexis S.

Los Angeles, CA

“Disillusioned with my career in medicine and dissatisfied with the unlikely prospect for a fulfilling future, I met Terry during a significant crossroads in my life. When I first met with her, my original intent was to answer one question in my mind: “Should I leave a career behind that I’d worked so long and hard to attain?” This question was just the beginning of journey with Terry.”

Dr Michael A.

Roanoke, VA

“Working with Terry was one of the productive times in my life. She really knows how to hone in on the issues at hand and give you focus on what needs attention.”

Leigh E.

Los Angeles, CA

“Terry coached me for a year and a half. When we started working together I was aimlessly pursuing a performing career. Terry helped me define myself as a comedic performer by pushing me out my comfort level and up on stage as a stand up comic.”

Bridget O.

Los Angeles, CA

“Terry is warm, personable and easy to talk to. She helped me gain the skills I needed to get my life on track, enabling me to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse. I continue to use these skills daily in setting and achieving new goals in all areas of my life.”

Danielle B.

Kansas City, KS

“Terry helped me to make a significant organizational changes in my medical practice.”

Dr Michael J.

Roanoke, VA

“Terry helped me to focus on what is truly important in my professional career and my personal life. Because of her motivation and guidance, I know that anything is possible.”

Stephanie R.

Brooklyn, NY

“Terry has wonderful energy and does a great job engaging a group, she has been a big help to me personal and a wonderful addition to the faculty of our annual Women in Medicine conference.”

Dr Joanne G.


“Terry knows when to push and when to wait. She helps me remember that I am making progress when I think I’ve done nothing! When I look back at my original “wish list” of what I’d like to accomplish by working with her I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to do — life is simply different now (in the best sense of different).”

Lanie D.

Los Angeles, CA

“Terry is outstanding in her work. She has effectively coached numerous physicians and other leaders in my organization to greater heights in their careers.”

Dr. Mark G

Roanoke, VA

“Terry is one of the most intuitive and empathetic people I’ve ever met. Her deep understanding of people is something I’ve come to respect and trust”

Mike B

Dallas, TX

“Working with Terry is truly amazing. I have a new outlook on my entire life – work and personal. She makes it seem so easy to have the life you want. And after working with her, it really is! I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t started my sessions with Terry.”

Aimee M

Lee's Summit, MO

“For physicians the landscape of opportunities and challenges is changing quickly. Terry provided important and crucial support, guidance, and insight at a critical juncture in my career. With her assistance I sorted through my options and am now pleasantly settled in a position that fits like a glove.”

Dr. Marty W.

Lexington, KY

“I knew I was stuck in my career and I wanted to make a move but didn’t know where to or how to. Terry helped me to organize my thoughts, visualize my ideal situation and helped me see the path to getting there. It was a little scary at first, but Terry talked me through my fear and helped me make those first steps. I now believe that I can achieve the ideal life that I visualize, and in the meantime I’m really enjoying the journey.”

Steve P.

Los Angeles, CA

“Terry gently helped me through making a life-changing decision that I was struggling with.”

Dr. Barbara M.

Roanoke, VA

“Terry helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life. When I first started working with Terry I felt stuck like i was standing in a bucket of rubber cement. My life as an actress was making me miserable. My husband and I were fighting all the time, and a new mom I was struggling with how to have a child and have a life. Terry inspired me to make changes and to take an active role in my life again.”

Alison M.

Mammoth, Lakes, CA

“A close friend recommended I try Life Coaching and I remember thinking that there was nothing a life coach could do that I couldn’t do for myself, but I made some calls. I interviewed several coaches and was losing interest in the whole idea until I spoke with Terry.”

Lidia G.

Stockton, CA

“Terry will help you rediscover your dreams – the ones you gave up along the way.”

Dr Carol S.

Roanoke, VA

“Courage and change is a door that can only be opened from within. Terry helps you make that happen.”

Dr Cristina C.

Seattle, WA

“Terry has served as my mentor coach as I embarked on a new career as a life coach. She assisted me in developing my personal and professional goals. Her enthusiasm is so infectious that I often came off the call with newfound energy to embark on my goals and conquer my fears. With her support and guidance, I was able to set up my business, lose 20 lbs and finish school! Thanks, Terry for everything!”

Nai Y.

Glendale, CA

“Terry is such a wonderful, upbeat and motivating coach! I was feeling stuck in all areas of my career and life, and after working with her for just a few months, I am energized and moving ahead.”

Sue Z.

Los Angeles, CA

“My experience with Terry Norton as my “coach for life” was a very invigorating and positive experience! Terry helped boost my energy as well as my confidence. Her energetic, upbeat personality is contagious; she has a way of breaking things down and helping you manage and realize your short and long term goals when they seem impossible and unattainable.”

Lisa V.

Los Angeles, CA

“I went into the coaching process as an experiment with much doubt as to wether or not it would be worth it. While working with Terry, my life has changed dramatically for the better.”

Heather S.

Los Angeles, CA

“Before I met Terry, I carried a lot of life’s frustrations which I allowed to drag me down. I did not know how to manage the situations and the people around me. Terry helped guide me to define what I want in life.”

Rowena A.

Hollywood, CA